Ultra Clean Concept

Hydrogen gas cleaning
We wanted to see the results of our Ultra Clean Concept engine treatment in black and white.
So we visited Svwat Tuning to do a 4wd dyno test.
Treatment includes: *Hydrogen treatment *Engine flush *Diesel system cleaner *Oil change
The object in the test is a Volvo XC60 D4 Polestar with 210 000 km on the odometer, should have 215Hk 445Nm according to specification.
On arrival 201.9 Hp & 435 Nm After treatment 213.6Hp & 446Nm
So more or less 12Hp and 11Nm restored, pretty much exactly what is promised.

Education and training

Environmental work for real

ULTRA service is recommended on ALL vehicles with an internal combustion engine (cars, trucks, buses, construction machines and also small machines such as lawnmowers, etc.) and reduces all harmful emissions.

By using hydrogen gas instead of a liquid, you reach all the spaces inside the engine and get an ultra-efficient combustion that removes all deposits and all soot. Basically, the equipment consists of a generator and a tank. In the tank there is a liquid that is transported to the generator where a chemical reaction takes place. The liquid is converted into hydrogen gas and then transported further to the car’s intake and into the combustion chamber.
The hydrogen gas contributes to optimal combustion, whereby all carbon/combustion residues are burned up and then disappear through the car’s exhaust system. At the same time, a UCC Oil cleaner is added which cleans the oil system from sludge and deposits. Then a UCC Gasoline Cleaner is added to the fuel tank to clean the fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber. The engine’s air, oil and fuel systems are now completely clean of deposits and dirt.

Guaranteed increased driving pleasure

Meets the environmental requirements and longer service life of engines

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Carbon monoxide emissions are reduced up to

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Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced up to

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Hydrocarbon emissions are reduced up to

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NOx particle emissions are reduced up to

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