UCC Radiator Sealant

UCC Radiator Sealant artnr:611

Preventive protection against leakage in the cooling system

Radiator seal for use in all water-cooled, closed cooling systems (trucks, cars, industrial heat exchangers). The product reliably seals critical hairline cracks and small leaks – quickly and easily. Also for preventive use.

During the combustion process, most of the chemical energy present in the fuel is converted into heat, which must be dissipated. Therefore, a fully functioning cooling system is of great importance for the engine! UCC Radiator Sealant helps avoid expensive repairs, prevents loss of coolant and protects against engine damage.


Added to the cooling liquid in all water-filled, closed cooling systems.

Consumption: 300 ml for up to 12 l or 25 ml for 1 l of coolant
Packaging: 24 cans in a carton