UCC Gasoline Cleaner

UCC Gasoline Cleaner artnr:618

UCC Gasoline Cleaner contains special detergents that are designed to remove dirt from the fuel system and engine upper parts.

Cleansing agent works by forming a link between dirt and gasoline, were sold to the dirt in small amounts dissolve in gasoline, and follows out the exhaust.
The point at which the first to be cleaned is the fuel system, especially the tank, where there are deposits and bottom deposits of dirt. It is always dangerous with the dirt in the fuel, they retain water and can produce chemical reactions that damage the quality of gasoline.

Deposits on the injector tips Mars injector spray patterns. It provides start-up problems and uneven running, by injector dosing and distribution mechanism does not work. By taking away this right is secured supply and distribution of gasoline and avoid the problems mentioned above. It also prevents that the unburn fuel creates more deposits in the engine. By keeping the valves and valve seats clean secure compression and therefore a better service and economy.

Coke deposits in the combustion chamber are common and occur when the engine do not burn gasoline correctly. It can bring about malfunction, wear and poor fuel economy. Coke deposits may also produce engine knocking as deposits inside the combustion chamber becomes red-hot and ignites the fuel before ignition occurs. This allows the combustion occurs unchecked and out of step. This is very harmful to the engine. If the spark plugs removed for the addition of UCC Gasoline Cleaner you can often see that they are sooty. This soot seems to spark weakened and thus the gasoline ignited worse.
UCC Gasoline cleaner removes such deposits and thus ensures the correct ignition and extends spark plug life. Less soot also proves that the burning improved.

UCC Gasoline Cleaner contains a unique lubricant that lubricates the fuel pump, fuel system and engine upper parts. The motor gasoline is converted into a gas before it ignites, and gases have almost no lubricating properties. Previously, the gasoline lead added, which had a lubricating effect, in addition to the increased gasoline’s octane rating. The upper part of the engine now works more “dry” after blytillsatsen banned and gasoline were alcohol-related additives which are also drying. The product lubricates the upper parts of engine, which must not be lubricated by engine oil. When UCC Gasoline Cleaner sprayed into the combustion chamber, is the lubricant, as opposed to gasoline and alcohol, not fully gasified. Therefore form the lubricant a fine film that reduces friction and wear.
Because of the humidity and temperature fluctuations are formed condensate in the car’s tank can attack your car’s fuel system. For cars with gasoline direct injection, the water because of its hardness, crack injectors, if it comes in too large quantities. Therefore binds UCC Gasoline Cleaner up the water into a combustible emision in gasoline, so that it can pass through the combustion chamber without damaging the engine. UCC Gasoline Cleaner will only take out the water in such small droplets that cant cause filter blockage or damage injectors.
In freezing weather, the ice crystals formed in the carburetor or fuel system that stops the fuel supply. Frost protection is achieved through the carburetor is kept clean and that the condensed water is purged from the system. Common karburatorsprit works in that it mixes with the water body in the fuel and squeeze out the water from the gasoline, alcohol ensures that it does not freeze. This solves the freezing problem, but can wear on the fuel system. UCC Gasoline Cleaner can replace karburatorsprit.

The average Combustion

Better combustion means better utilization of fuel and less pollution. In addition to the improvements in the combustion achieved by the features that we have gone through before, UCC Gasoline Cleaner especially a combustion medium.

It enhances combustion by reducing the chemical reactions in the fuel before it is ignited by the spark from the spark plugs. This ensures proper combustion – at the right moment. Now the energy released when the spark ignites the fuel-air mixture, and not before! It gives a higher temperature and pressure in the combustion chamber, thereby transferring more energy to work. As pressure and temperature rise is also achieved better combustion of gasoline,
and thereby reduced the amount of carbon monoxide and unburnt residues in the exhaust. It provides cleaner emissions.