UCC Oil Cleaner

UCC Oil Cleaner artnr:620

After time engine oil becomes thick which is difficult to drain from the engine during a standard oil change.

After a standard oil change old oil deposits containing sludge, oxidation residues and dirt remain suspended in the oil system. When new oil is added to a contaminated engine the old oil deposit absorb all the goodness of the new oil which overtime causes your engine to wear quicker.

The Solution to this is to use UCC Oil Cleaner before draining the old oil.
UCC Oil Cleaner starts to break down old chemical bonds formed in the oil between services allowing all old contaminated old to be drained from the engine during the oil change.

While UCC Oil Cleaner is added to the oil system any accumulations of dirt & sludge in the oil system are dissolved by detergents in the product and are broken down into microscopic components then remain as liquid in the old oil. The dirt is encapsulated and bound to the old lubricating oil so that it is rinsed with the old oil out when drained from the engine.

UCC Oil Cleaner also cleans oil rings and compression rings therefore provides improved compression and increasing the life of the engine. Engine performance is restored, resulting in lower fuel consumption, less contamination in the catalyst from unburned oil and fuel residues and therefore a longer life of the catalyst.


UCC Oil Cleaner is added to the old engine oil before oil change, and the engine is at 200-300 rpm above idle until cleaning cycle of the UCC-300 gas machines done. After the gas cleaning the oil is drained and the new oil is poured in. If the lubrication system is very contaminated the engine can idle in 10 minutes after the Gas cleaning.

For ordinary engines a 300ml bottle is substantial. For larger engines 300ml bottle per 5 liters of oil capacity.

UCC Oil Cleaner is recommended at every service, recommended by the manufacturer and to engines where the oil change interval is exceeded. UCC Oil Cleaner contains no substances that appear after the oil is changed.
After using UCC Oil Cleaner you will have provided a great oil service and provided customer satisfaction.